Course Rules

GradingThere will be a final oral exam for this course. The homework will be graded and successfully completing it is a prerequisite for participating in the exam.

Homework: There will be both theory and implementation homework assignments (Houdini). The assignments will follow the class schedule and there will be roughly 6 of each. Unless otherwise stated in the assignment, each homework will be due two weeks after the posting of the assignments.

Homework submission: Please send us your solutions to the theory questions as well as the Houdini project files via email at or before the submission deadline. Our email addresses : Olga Diamanti ( — Marcel Padilla ( For the implementation assignments, you are requested to briefly (~5min) demonstrate your solutions to us during either the office hours (see below) or the tutorial sessions, at some point after their submission via email.

Late policy:  Please try to submit your assignments in time. 24 hours delay incur a 20% point penalty, 48 hours 50%, 72 hours 80%, and after that the submission will be graded with zero. Throughout the course, you are allowed 4 days worth of “lateness” which you can use for whichever homework anytime during the quarter. You must let us know ahead(!) of time if you plan to use one of these “lateness tokens”.

Office Hours: Thursdays 14:00-16:00 at MA 823 .



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