Practical Homework 02

Due Friday, December 06.

Practical Implementation in Houdini

Get Creative!
Pick your own small project and build it.

e.g.: Animation of an object running along a Moebius strip. (a car maybe?)

e.g.: Animate a point light and build interesting shadows using special geometries.

e.g.: Build your favorite surface, render it nicely and export it ready for 3D printing.

e.g.: Anything you can come up with. Ask me ( padilla ät, MA823 ) for help and feasibility if you doubt to have enough tools.

  • Submit ( 10pts. )
    Submit your final project file (.hip) of what you have built.
  • Document ( 5pts. )
    Document what you did inside Houdini (use sticky notes and comments).
  • Render ( 5pts. )
    Create a short video. If your project is time-independent, move it around (or just rotate it) to see it from many sides. If your rendering is too slow, use a low resolution for the video and also submit some single high-resolution images.
  • Install Scipy ( you need this )
    Read tutorial 04 for this.

Total: 20 pts.

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