Practical Homework 04

Due Friday, January 13.

04 Practical Implementation in Houdini

Surface Waves!

Download the .hip file of Tutorial 06 from the download section here if you want to have a DEC build.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is wave7.gif

We will create strange planets, set up oceans on them, and then play with waves on them. Your homework will be to implement the surface wave equation completely on your own… twice!

Comment your code and submit your .hipnc file and a video. Read the notes at the end of this page.

  1. Paint ( 2pts. )
    Build nodes to initialize your wave function $u$ on your closed surface $M$. Use the paint node to paint your attribute. (You will need part 2. to see the result).
  2. Visualize ( 1pt )
    Visualize the wave function $u$ using colors and height displacement.
  3. With SciPy ( 3pts )
    Build your wave equation solver using SciPy.
  4. Without SciPy ( 6pts )
    Build your wave equation solver without SciPy. Without any matrices. Just local operations.
  5. Splish Splash ( 3pts )
    Recreate the following: initialize $u=0$ everywhere. Now select a region where you will animate the function $u$ in any way you like. This animation should then automatically create waves over your surface. Here is an example:

    This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is wave5.gif
    The purple area is animated in a sine-like motion. All the other motion is a consequence. This is not a caterpillar.

  6. Document ( 1pt )
    Document your code as always. Explain what you did at every step.
  7. Render ( 4pts )
    Impress! Imagine that this is your submission video to a journal. For that, you want to polish your images to look impressive and to be informative at the same time. Be creative and use materials.

Note: The tutorial 06 explains all the math and the paint node.
Note: Yes you can render in low res. At least 400 pixels per side.

Get working!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is get-working.png

Total: 20 pts.


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