Practical Homework: Project Implementation

Due in class, February 13.

Implementing a paper and presenting it

These were the titles of publications we proposed as projects during the course:
  • Trivial Connections on Discrete Surfaces(Crane et al.)
  • Design of Tangent Vector Fields (Fischer et al.)
  • Designing N-PolyVector Fields with Complex Polynomials
    (Diamanti et al.)
  • Can Mean Curvature Flow be Modified to be Non-singular?
    (Kazhdan et al.)
  • On Discrete Killing Vector Fields and Patterns on Surfaces
    (Ben-Chen et al.)
  • Spin Transformations of Discrete Surfaces (Crane et al.)
  • The Heat Method for Distance Computation (Crane et al.)
  • Globally Optimal Direction Fields (Knöppel et al.)
  • A unified discrete framework for intrinsic and extrinsic Dirac operators for geometry processing (Ye et al.)
You can also choose a different topic but please make sure to consult us before working on it. Email us your 3 favorite topics (unranked) and we will give you a topic.
On the 13th of February 2020, we will all share the projects in a tiny seminar.
15 minutes presentations
(12 min talk, 3 min questions).
To be familiar with such an application is essential for this course and will be relevant in the oral exam.
  • You won’t be asked to recreate everything you see in the papers. If the algorithm gets a lot more complicated when dealing with special cases then it suffices to deal with the simple cases.
  • You can have slides or a blackboard presentation. If you go for blackboard please make sure to have some images printed out or ready for the projector (Hdmi cable).
  • Submit a working version of your code
get working!

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