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Hyperbolic tilings

In the last lecture we had a look at tilings of the hyperbolic plane. We want to tile the plane with regular $p$-gons, such that at each vertex $q$ polygons meet. Then we do a little calculation and see that for $\frac1p+\frac1q < \frac12$ there exist such tilings of the hyperbolic plane.

These tilings can be generated by a software written by Martin von Gagern from TU Munich. It is written in Java and can be downloaded from his website. I created an Escher like picture with it 🙂

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Lecture 26-28

Sorry, but I didn’t find the time to blog the lectures so far but I scanned my notes. Sorry for the bad quality but I will try to improve it. But for the moment these are the available scans:

Lecture_26   Lecture_27  Lecture_28

Comment … I just printed one of the files and it looks terrible but somehow scanning pencil written notes is not as easy as I expected …

Lecture26 Lecture27 Lecture28

Now it’s much better – I hope 🙂